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No Motivation

Hey Guys…I keep saying I won’t just disappear for who knows how long and yet I just seem to keep doing it.

I’m at a really weird place in my life where I have no real motivation to do anything. It’s not just this blog either. I’ve lost the motivation in most aspects of my life. I feel a real struggle to at least do the bare minimum at home, at work, with my personal projects…hell, doing anything for myself almost seems like an unsurmountable burden. I’ve been wearing leggings and a tunic everyday and (while super comfy) it’s definitely getting monotonous at this point. I’ve also been burning through the same 5 products for my makeup everyday. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few go to products, but I feel like I’m neglecting my collection. I bought this product to use, not to take up space.

It’s not for a lack of want. I want to go above and beyond. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head for new makeup looks, fun outfits I want to try, diy projects, etc. I just can’t put them to action for some reason… I keep trying to force myself to get something done, but that seems to burn out what little I have left in me.

*sigh* This probably just seems like another drawn out excuse for why I’m so flakey, but just know that I really am trying. I’m going to commit to you and to myself that I will post something once a week. If I’m feeling particularly perky you may see more, but you will at least see a post once a week.

I’m also actively working on being more present on other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. If you know of any other social media sites, I’d love to hear about them.

Well, thanks for letting me throw a little pity party for myself. Talk to you guys soon, I promise…


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