Dressed Down Pencil Skirt

It actually took my a long time to embrace pencil skirts (check out my epiphany moment here), but they have become a staple in my wardrobe. I love the simple ones and the bold ones, mixed with different jackets and different accessories, but I haven’t really explored the concept of a casual pencil skirt outfit.
So one Saturday afternoon (the morning was spent on Pinterest looking for inspiration), I decided to give it a try.
Through my extensive research, I decided to not think about it so hard and pair it with my other weekend essentials.
My graphic tee is from H&M, the pencil skirt is from Forever21, the denim jacket is from H&M, the red pumps are from Amazon, and the jewelry was thrifted.
I won’t lie I felt a little overdressed walking around the park and going to lunch, but eventually I relaxed. Literally the only piece that was different from my usual weekend wear was the skirt. I normally pair these with distressed boyfriend jeans.
It was liberating in a way that only a pencil skirt can provide for me. These things are working their way in to every aspect of my life and I am loving it.

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Love y’all!


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