Stripes and Florals

I love Spring and Summer time because the floral prints come out to play. Nothing stops you from wearing florals all year, but for what ever reason I only see them in the stores preparing for Spring.
I love bold prints like florals because it’s so easy to look pulled together. Just like wearing lipstick and sunglasses, people assume you put so much work into your look when it is actually so simple. Sometimes it’s even quicker for me.
Florals look so chic with a simple white or chambray top and simple shoes, but they absolutely pop when mixed with another pattern.
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My favorite look is my jacquard floral skirt from H&M paired with a blue striped sleeveless blouse also from H&M. I complete the look with my denim jacket from H&M, nude heels from Forever21, and thrifted gold jewelry. It’s a little more bold but just as easy to wear.
The water color floral is bold and bright and the stripes in the blouse are thin and subtle. The proportions are balanced and the shape is classic. Tying everything together through a mutual color is what gives it it’s complete feeling.
I’m always a little scared mixing patterns and textures so I like to anchor everything with a neutral completer piece like a denim jacket and nude shoes.
Any tips and tricks for mixing patterns and textures? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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Love y’all!


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