Coachella Chic

Okay, so I know Coachella has already come and gone for this year, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I do not have good timing. I look at new trends with starry eyed wonder and by the time I’m ready to join in it’s over. Normally, I just shrug and hope I move quicker next time.
Well, I didn’t (and probably never will), but I loved this outfit so here you go.
I felt so effortlessly cool and surprisingly comfortable in this outfit. I probably wore it or some variation of it every weekend for a month.
Most of these pieces (the black kimono, sugar skull tee, and the layered necklace) are from the Coachella Collection from H&M, the distressed skinnies and the flip flops are from Old Navy, and the blue lens sunglasses are from Ulta.
I pair this look with a super easy bun and barely there makeup and call it a day.
Even though Coachella is over this outfit is still going to be a staple of mine all through summer.

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Love y’all!


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