Sequins and Sushi

Wow, guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated, but stuff has been happening left and right for me lately. I feel like I’m just now getting a chance to breath and catch up with you guys.
A little while ago (and by that I mean maybe a month and a half ago), my super sweet husband told me we were headed out for a much deserved date night.
I had been having a rough week up until date night. I woke up late daily and rushed through my routine. I felt like I was always wearing a uniform of slacks, sleeveless blouse, and cardigan.
I decided to go a little bolder than I typically would for a sushi dinner to break the monotony. Here come the sequins!
The striped shirt is from Forever 21, the matte sequin skirt I got on clearance from the Ava & Viv collection at Target, and the lace up ballet flats are from Old Navy.
Yeah, it’s a bit much. But…I dressed it down with the stripes. It’s casual now right? Right?!
Oh, well. I don’t really care and it was fun to wear something a little different. Plus I was way to focused on the sushi to notice if anyone was blinded by the light hitting my sequins.
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Love y’all!

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