#OOTD Round Up

Hey, guys!

So I’m really wanting to build some consistency here. In a perfect world there will be something going up on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but we’ll see how that works out.

For today, I thought I’d show you guys some of my favorite #ootd (outfit of the day) from the past few months.


This one is from my birthday and I still look back on this outfit with a smile! Click here for more details on this #ootd.


I was waiting on my ride to work on this rainy morning and decided to play with my selfie stick that I got for Christmas.


*UGH* This was at Generation Beauty in January and had to take this picture and post it before they would give me my free goodie that I waited in line for forever for. It was a bronzer I already had two of…*sigh*


Casual friday at work and I was feeling pretty good about this combo. Might have to take it for another spin soon.


I work in a pretty professional setting, but with a little freedom in my outfit. The cold shoulder top was probably pushing it, but luckily there’s a cardigan stuffed in that backpack.


Another fun outfit for work. I love the plaid for a pop of something unusual and the leather jacket adds some edge. Though I did change in to a cardigan for work.


This was my “I just want to be lazy but I still have to go to work because rent” outfit.


This outfit made me feel so powerful! And then very vulnerable because those shoes are killing me.


Another casual friday outfit. This was my first attempt at layering a sweater over a button down. I was constantly fidgeting with my shirt, but it’s growing on me. Maybe I need a more fitted sweater.

There we go, y’all! One step closer to some consistency!

What #ootd have you been loving lately? Try anything new?


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