DIY Lip Palette

My little beauty corner has become quite overwhelming as of late. It’s actually been overwhelming for a while and IMATS (and Generation Beauty!!!) has not helped. Any way, back to what I was trying to say. I’ve been working on downsizing my set up while not actually getting rid of much because I’m a hoarder.

In the process of reorganizing, one of my bigger issues was lipstick storage that was efficient and kept it all in easy sight. I’m very much an out of sight out of mind person. While trying to reconcile the issue I noticed I had an empty z palette that was begging for a diy. Why not create one of those super cool lipstick palettes that makeup artists have in their kits? One amazon order and two days later I was ready to get started!

DIY Lip Palette - Supplies

Step one is gather your supplies (listed above). I had everything on hand except the magnetic pans which you can find here. For the lipsticks I stuck with drugstore brands and samples from Ipsy. I left the lipsticks with cute packaging on my vanity for decoration.

Step two is to label your pan with the color you are working with at the moment. Then remove the lipstick from the tube and place it on the spoon.

Hold the spoon a couple of inches above the flame until melted. Should only take a moment. *Be Careful, Guys! This Spoon Will Be Screaming Hot!*


Pour melted color into empty pan and let cool. I placed my pan on an old wash cloth in case it spilled. This can be a messy project if you let it.

Wipe your spoon and start over

Pretty soon you have your own lipstick palette!

DIY Lip Palette 2

I melted 22 lipsticks and the whole project took maybe a half hour.

What do you think? It’s a super easy DIY that is space saving and travel friendly. Now you can take 22 lipsticks with you in one little palette! I plan on expanding this with the lipsticks purchased at IMATS, but I need to order more pans.


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