Love Affair: Studded Shoes

As usual I’m pretty late to the studded shoe bandwagon, but I have finally arrived! I am obsessed with studded shoes and incorporating it with every outfit that I can.

I believe that Valentino came out with the design that everyone is in love with at the moment and I sincerely wish I could have a pair, but my wallet fought me hard on that. It won and led me to Amazon.

I found these three pairs:


These super cute flats were only $27 on Amazon when I ordered them. I love them to add something special to a simple t-shirt and jeans.


These were love at first sight! This was the shoe I had in mind when I went looking for a pair to complete my outfit for IMATS LA. These shoes were $22 on Amazon and there are a ton of colors available.


These are very similar to the black pair, but just different enough that I could justify having them both. This pair is a patent nude with three studded straps. I personally prefer the black and if I had to do it over again would not get this pair. But I have them and currently picturing an outfit in my mind that is perfect for spring! This pair was the most expensive at $35 from Amazon.

What have you guys been loving lately? And is anybody else headed to IMATS? I’d love to meet you if you are!


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