It’s My Birthday and I’ll Wear What I Want To!

Today is my 25th birthday, y’all! I’m not typically a big birthday person, but this year I changed my mind. I decided that today I would wear something I’ve always wanted to wear without any worries about what any one else may think.

Today, I wore a striped pencil skirt from Forever21, a burgundy shirt from H&M, a black cardigan from Target, a black belt from Target, and some black flats I found at Goodwill. Later, I swapped my cardigan for a leather jacket and my flats for booties. I know it’s not that impressive of an outfit. In fact it’s rather simple and that’s what I love about it. I feel like I exude a subtle confidence without beating you over the head with it.


I’m sure some of you are wondering why this is my big “I don’t care what you think” birthday outfit, but this outfit is actually comprised of “fashion don’t” that I’ve been told most of my life.





Don’t wear:

  • horizontal stripes (makes you look wider)
  • wide stripes (emphasizes lumps)
  • burgundy (makes me look red-faced)
  • pencil skirts (not flattering for my wide hips and thunder thighs)
  • skinny belts (creates a muffin top)
  • flats (make my curvy legs look stumpy)


Well, you know what. Screw that! This is my favorite outfit I may have ever worn and I wore it without a care in the world!




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