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One Palette MOTD

As you may or may not know, I’m doing (struggling with) a No Buy November. For the whole month of November I will not buy any beauty or fashion items in order to save money to buy gifts for the holidays and to use what I already have. It’s been a battle, I won’t lie….especially with Sephora’s 20% off sale the other weekend, but I’ve been working really hard to maximize my current collection. In fact, I was looking at my Nyx Contour Kit and wondered if I could do my full face with it.

And, to an extent, yes I can. Except for foundation and eyeliner, I only used the Nyx Contour Kit for my look today.

Nyx Palette layout

1-Cheekbone highlight and eyeshadow

2-Under eye setting powder

3-Setting powder for the rest of my t-zone

4-Brow Highlight and inner corner highlight

5-Brow powder and outer V shadow

6-Bronzer shade

7-Crease color and light cheek color

8-Deeper contour shade

And here is my completed look:

Before Nyx Nyx After

This was a quick and easy look since I didn’t have to juggle a bunch of product and if anyone is looking to maximize their collection I’d recommend a contour kit.

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