Easy Flawless Nails

My mother was never one to follow beauty rules. She didn’t really wear makeup or do her hair and she dressed however she wanted to. She taught me to do whatever pleases me as far as my beauty routine goes, but despite all of that you wouldn’t catch my mother without her nails done. She said she didn’t feel at all ready to leave the house without her long nails painted without a chip.

That has stuck with me to this day. Now I can frequently be caught with non-manicured nails, but it’s my go to treatment to perk myself up. I feel fierce with long painted nails, but there’s one hang-up. My natural nails are short. They’re healthy, but they just don’t grow long.

2015-10-25 13.19.52

So this is my cheat:

  • Full cover false nails in any shape. Here are the active oval shape, but I also have square and stiletto.
  • Nail glue.
  • A paper towel.
  • Double-sided tape
  • Nail polish.

Find the false nail that fits your natural nail best. Place it on the double sided tape on the paper towel and paint each nail. Wait until dry and glue onto the natural nail.

2015-10-25 13.21.34 2015-10-25 13.25.56 2015-10-25 13.30.03

And there you go! Long beautiful nails with a flawless polish. Plus you’re not stranded with wet nails.

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