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Clown Contouring

Did anyone else’s life change when they discovered contouring? Being able to change the shape of face through strategic shading added a new layer to my routine that I truly love. I’m a huge fan of the various techniques out there (cream, powder, strobing, baking, etc.) and right now I’m just fascinated with the new clown contouring sensation.

Clown contouring is an extreme contour technique developed by YouTuber BelladeLuna. She uses very opaque layers of contour creams in a variety of shades (color-correcting, highlight, and contour) and applies them in mask-like patterns. When she blends out the creams using her beauty blender and a buffing brush, she is left with the kind of flawlessly sculpted look that would leave the Kardashians jealous.

I’ve been admiring these transformation pictures for a hot minute now and I decided the other day that I was ready to give it a try. First, I did a little research into color correcting. Below is the best chart I could find to help explain:

color correcting
So following the chart I decided I needed a peach, yellow, mint, and baby pink shade.

I decided to do my color corrections first and applied the shades I picked out from the chart.  I put the peach color on the inner most portion of my inner corner of my eyes, the yellow shade for the rest of my dark circles, the mint around my nose and chin, and the baby pink around my mouth.

Next, I applied a highlight shade on the high point of my face. I just used a concealer two shades lighter than my skin. I placed the highlight down the bridge of my nose, center of the forehead, top of the cheekbones, just above my jawline, and under my brow.

Next is the contour and I’m placing on the hairline, the hollows of the cheeks, jawline, and the sides of the nose.

Now, we blend.

Keep blending.

Your arm is not going to fall off, keep blending.

Just a little more…you can do it!

And done!

Before. I look ridiculous!
Before. I look ridiculous!
After with eye makeup and lipstick.
After with eye makeup and lipstick.

As much as I had fun doing this, there is no way I’d do this every day. This is a special technique for me to pull out whenever I need it.

Some tips to make it easier:

Have a couple of beauty blenders ready. They may get bogged down with product which will make blending harder.

Use facial sprays to rehydrate the product to make blending easier

I know the pictures aren’t great, but it was a ton of fun to try this! I can’t stop cracking up whenever I look at that photo with my face all painted up, lol. I totally recommend you guys give this a go, too.

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