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Body Blender Review

I think I’m just addicting to trying all of the Beauty Blender products. I reviewed the blotterazzi earlier, I have the little mini beauty blenders (should I review these, too?), and y’all already know I love the original. Today we’re going to have a little chat about the Body Blender.


The Body Blender is made of the same material we all know and love (the original) and in a stain resistant black shade. It’s the same egg shape, but more two dimensional. It just looks like someone cut off two sides to make it flat. It’s twice the size of the original when dry and doubles in size again once it’s wet.  I bought mine at Sephora for $28, but you can also get it on the Beauty Blender website or on Amazon.


It’s advertised as the perfect beauty sponge for all your body makeup needs (like self-tanner, bronzer, highlighter, and all that good stuff). Using it seems to be the same as the original; just wet the sponge, squeeze out extra water, and bounce on the product. According to the description on the beauty blender website, this should make for an easy and non-splotchy application. I was hoping this would make applying tanner to my hands, wrists, feet, and ankles easier. It seems like no matter how I try to apply it, those areas are always splotchy.


I’ve given it a fair shot. I’ve tried it twice (both times with the Tarte Amazonian Tanner) and I have to say, I’m not a fan. After two uses (which also means two cleanings) the sponge is already showing little rips. This could be due to the material or just how hard it is to actually use. It does puff up to a pretty big size, but it’s still really small for a full body application of product. The sponge was hard to glide across the skin with product and all around hard to control. I got product all over my hands and it left streaks in my tanner. The black color of the sponge does make it look neater because you can’t see any stains, but it makes it messier because it’s hard to see where the product is on the sponge.


I would save your money. If you already have it or still want one, I would only use it for small applications.

What were your thoughts on the body blender? Should beauty blender stop with the sister products?

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